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Exit Strategy Software   

Exit Strategy Software

For those that have a few years to plan before they sell their business, Exit Strategy Software is a comprehensive set of strategic planning tools used by mergers and acquisition intermediaries and business brokers to prepare a business for sale to position the business to obtain the highest business value the market will bear. This is the type of business planning one typically finds being employed by high end management consultants hired to perform business process improvement projects, develop business strategies and prepare marketing plans before offering companies for sale. This is not the typical larger company business software offering that addresses strategic plans, business improvement or business performance; it is tailored specifically to address the needs of the small business owner.

Unlike typical business plan software, Exit Strategy Software was designed for small business owners to have access to professional business tools to develop their own business exit strategy and maximize the value of their business by examining performance improvement, process improvement, process reengineering and marketing strategies contained in our extensive tutorials.

Exit Strategy Software was designed for the business seller that doesn't need to sell his business immediately to help him develop his own small business plan. Additionally, it includes all of the features, benefits and functionality contained in the Business for Sale Toolkit so when you are ready to put your business on the market, you'll have all of the tools you'll need to do it.

This product represents tens of thousands of dollars in education and decades of business experience delivered to you via the Tutorials.

The Tutorials contain step-by-step instructions to prepare your exit strategy and execute the sale of your business and also include a plethora of anecdotes to illustrate the finer points and subtleties of the strategies and tactics enumerated in the lessons. It's as close as you can get to have a management consultant guide you through the entire exit strategy planning process and then have an experienced Certified Business Intermediary guide you through the process of selling of your business.

But, that's not all!

Exit Strategy Software is also fortified with an extended professional tool kit. There is a tool to help you analyze your current financial situation to help you decide if you will be adequately capitalized to retire after your business is sold. It also has two of the most frequently used professional tools to assist you in selecting the projects that will give you the biggest bang for your marketing and operational project dollar. Used in conjunction with the Tutorials, these tools will help you to improve your business performance to help you get the true market value for your business when you're finally ready to put it on the market.

Using the ExitStrategy Software, You Will:

Topics addressed in Exit Strategy Software include all of the Business for Sale Toolkit topics plus:

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