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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to buy this product now?

The Exit Strategy System is designed to be a planning tool to help you improve your business with many illustrations of strategies used by other successful business owners. Buying and using this system well before your intend to sell will help you make improvements to your business that potential buyers will find more attractive than other businesses they are considering.

Why not just ask my attorney or my accountant what my business is worth?

Many small business owners have no idea what their business is actually worth. They will consult with their accountants or their attorney to help them determine a price for their business. Accountants and attorneys are trusted advisors, but they typically don't sell businesses in their practice. They may know a "rule of thumb" for your particular business, but they seldom have useful knowledge about the current market for selling businesses.

I've seen business valuation packages offered elsewhere. Why should I buy this product instead?

Many commonly used valuation methods are unsuitable for use in estimating the value of small businesses. Furthermore there are many opinions and inconsistencies regarding how to apply a proper valuation method. The Exit Strategy System has developed a proprietary valuation method that corrects the inconsistencies in the proper valuation method for owner-operated small businesses.

What about valuation methods that consider comparable businesses?

"Comparable" data is excellent if you can find a business that is really similar to yours. However, with just the minimal data provided to compare with your business, it is difficult to tell if the "comparable" business really is comparable to yours. Also, these "comparable" data can be several years old and do not necessarily reflect current market conditions. The Real Estate industry has been collecting valuation data on homes for decades and part of valuing a home entails searching for "comparable" houses. Unfortunately, the Business Brokerage industry has amassed very little "comparable" data. So, unless you happen to have a business that is a very close match to their data, this approach to valuation isn't going to be much help.

What's so important about learning the business sale process?

Many sellers are concerned that their lack of knowledge about this process will put them in a situation where they might leave money on the table. Sellers who use the Exit Strategy System will substantially reduce that risk.

Is this an expensive product?

This product is a great value. The current minimum for a broker's services is somewhere between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00. Usually, a broker will charge between 10% and 12% of all consideration you receive for your business if your business will sell for less than $1,000,000.00. This product introduces you to that knowledge for pennies on the dollar.

Why is this business broker knowledge important to me?

It is important because this knowledge will prepare you for the sale of your business and will help you to avoid common pitfalls in the process that could cost you a substantial amount of money. It will also put you at a competitive advantage in the negotiating process. This product is a road map to devising your exit strategy from your business.

I'm a pretty good negotiator. Why do I need this product?

You probably are a good negotiator if you've run a successful business. However, it isn't very often that someone negotiates the sale of a business. You may have thought about a strategy for selling your business, but you probably haven't examined all of the alternative ways to structure the deal. The Exit Strategy Software will introduce you to the advantages of several alternative deal structures you may not have previously considered.

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