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How We Help You Navigate the Selling Process

We found the best practices used by business brokers. Then we took the most useful components and made a computer system. This is the best system available to help business owners sell their business.

Most owners are at a disadvantage when they want to sell. Typically, they have no idea what their business is worth. They know very little about the selling process. They might know of someone who might be interested in buying the business. But they don't know how to coax that buyer to pay the highest price. They do not know how to create a market for their business with multiple bidders. Having multiple bidders helps you sell at the highest market price. Our product will teach you how to create that market.

Selling a business is a series of events. We prepare you for every event in advance. You will know what to expect during every phase of the business sale.

Selling a business should be a very private process. We teach you how to protect information about your business during the marketing process. Then your competitors can't learn your trade secrets and use them against you. We teach you what to do so that your employees do not learn about your plan until you are ready to tell them.

The sale of a business is more than receiving an asking price. It is a combination of the price and the terms of the sale. We provide you with tools that will help you receive the best price and terms for your business.

We will prepare you to navigate the due diligence phase of the sale. We will help you to determine what to reveal to your buyer and when to reveal it. Finally, we provide you with sample closing documents. You can review those documents in advance. You will likely see similar documents at the closing.

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