4/3/2018 Exit Strategy Software is designed to improve business performance.
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We offer two superior software products for the small business owner

Business owners who exit their business with less than six months of advanced planning can expect to receive only 50 to 70 percent of their business's potential value.
Some business owners try to sell their business but don't plan ahead. They get about half of their business's full market value.

When the baby boomers retire, about three quarters of American small businesses will be for sale. This has never happened before in business history. Nobody knows if there will be enough buyers. We don't know if people will have enough money to buy businesses.

The market might be able to handle this many business sales. But what if it can't? Businesses that are well-managed and have a good exit strategy will be the first to be sold. They will get the highest price of those that do sell. Exit Strategy Software is the finest tool available to improve your chances of success.

Selling your own business is a difficult task. The business sale has many complex problems that are unusual to the business owner. The sale of a business is usually a once in a lifetime event. Many turn to a business broker to help them work through the process.

It is hard to know if your business broker is a good one. There may be a conflict of interest. Brokers want to sell for a low price and get paid quickly. You want to get the most for your business. That may take more time. Many business owners try to sell their business themselves and wind up leaving money on the table.

Business For Sale Toolkit:

The Business for Sale Toolkit gives you the tools used by business brokers. You can use these tools to help sell your business by yourself. It is hard to know what to do and when to do it when selling your business. This software teaches you the business sales process.

You have probably seen many small business plan software products. Few will prepare the small business owner to do a good business valuation. Few will tell you about the best sites to use for business listings.

We also offer sample forms to help your marketing efforts. We have sample confidentiality agreements, NDAs and other forms necessary to support the company sale.

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Exit Strategy Software:

Do you have a few years to plan before you sell your business? Our Exit Strategy Software has a set of strategic planning tools. These tools are used by business brokers to prepare a business for sale. They are also used to help you get the highest business value from the market.

Top management consultants use these tools to make business processes improvements. They also use these tools to create business strategies and prepare marketing plans before selling businesses.

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